Services Provided

Setup and Delivery

Photo Process


Equipment & Setup

The following equipment comprises the tools we use to produce high quality virtual imagery. 

Two technicians setup the equipment, operate and maintain throughtout the event.


Cameras (one backup)

Retro Screen.jpeg

Retro-reflective Screen and Supports


Photo Printer


Two Laps (one backup)

Loaded with GS software

Monitor Picture.jpeg

Monitor for Attendees Viewing


Lighting Equipment

Photographic Process

The following diagram shows the workflow we use to create the virtual imagery.  

Step 1 - Picture of subject is taken against retro-reflective screen.

Setp 2 - Tethered camera to computer automatically downloads and merges subject with chosen virtual background

Step 3A - Picture is sent to the monitor so that attendees can see the virtural picture

Step 3B - Picture is printed for the subject

Step 3C - Picture is sent to the subjects text and email.


*The verified emails and phone numbers are collected and forwarded to the client at the end of the event.

The following steps happen simutanusely
Process Diagram Steps JP.jpg